Green Lab Newsletter – December 2020

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Green Lab Newsletter – December 2020

Key drivers of sustainable business growth for SMEs – Edition 1

How can we achieve environmental objectives and simultaneously deliver economic growth that is inclusive and widely-shared?
This was the question that Shashwat Koirala, the Environment Directorate of the OECD, had to deal with during the 2018 Paris Forum of the GREEN GROWTH AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT FORUM (GGSD)

Alpha Prime is a Group where values prevail over strictly economic or pecuniary interests. We encourage, sometimes incentivize, our clients to adopt  behaviors and adapt their operating methods and collaboration processes with us to improve the environmental impact of our professional activities

One key information: 

When writing, sending or receiving emails the last thing you’re probably thinking about is the carbon footprint.

Below are the average carbon footprints of different emails:

  • A standard email: 4 g CO2e
  • An email with long attachments: 50 g CO2e

On average, a working day is equal to 1,652 g CO2e, and 0.6 tonnes CO2e per year.

To put this into perspective, on average, cars produce 0.259 kg of CO2 per kilometre.

Given the number of emails users over the planet, the impact is impressive.
Roughly 294 billion emails have been sent and received each day in 2019

What can we do as individuals or enterprises ?

  1. Reduce the size of emails by lowering the resolution and compressing images and avoid large HTML elements.
  2. Regularly clean and maintain mailing lists.
  3. Remove any contacts that unsubscribe, and update changed email address immediately.
  4. Check your emails thoroughly before sending to ensure they contain all the necessary (and correct) information, to avoid the need for a follow-up email.
  5. Link to files or information online rather than adding an attachment.

Alpha Prime Group has implemented digital solutions to massively reduce its carbon impact, including :

  • An EDM (Electronic Document Management) platform to allow a 24/7 access by our clients to all their data (accounting, tax returns, bank statements, agreements, payroll, invoices, corporate documents, etc…) and avoid multiple emails to share those documents
  • Electronic signature: an electronic signature system to avoid printing, signing, scanning and emailing documents. Those e-signed documents are directly shared through are EDM, without the need to send them by emails. Our clients save time… and a bit of our planet
  • Accounting automation tools, and cloud-based solutions to access clients’ accounting information, with no chasing paperwork and no data entry. Receipts, bills and invoices are saved on specific apps and the data extraction system books them in our accounting system automatically

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