Green Lab Newsletter – April 2021

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Green Lab Newsletter – April 2021

Key drivers of sustainable business growth for SMEs – Edition 3

Alpha Prime is a Group where values prevail over strictly economic or pecuniary interests. We encourage, sometimes incentivize, our clients to adopt  behaviors and adapt their operating methods and collaboration processes with us to improve the environmental impact of our professional activities.

Alpha Prime, a sustainable approach of providing services, followed by other providers

Since the launch of Alpha Prime in Asia, the group has communicated its commitment to a new way of providing consulting services, with the aim of minimizing the carbon footprint of both our group and our clients.

As a pioneer in this new approach of involving SMEs, including in the tertiary sector, in preserving the environment, Alpha Prime is delighted to see several other competitors follow its initiative, with one-off sustainable actions. We hope that these initiatives will continue and multiply, and that the trend will spread to more and more players.


Alpha Prime carbon footprint

Thanks to MyCO2 and the initiative of Hong Kong Accueil to promote this company which allows companies and individuals to assess their carbon impact, Alpha Prime was able to estimate that its activity over one year generates around 9,114 kg of CO2, with, not surprisingly, an impact mainly linked to air travel (4.836 kg CO2). Therefore, at least from an environmental prospective, we suffer more easily the travel restrictions that should allow the group to reduce its carbon footprint by around 40% this year.

In addition, the necessary adaptations to current circumstances have enabled us to continue to provide our services, and develop our activities, in a more environmentally friendly framework, such as the daily use of video conferences with our customers and partners.

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