Green Lab Newsletter – January 2021

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Green Lab Newsletter – January 2021

Key drivers of sustainable business growth for SMEs – Edition 2

Alpha Prime is a Group where values prevail over strictly economic or pecuniary interests. We encourage, sometimes incentivize, our clients to adopt  behaviors and adapt their operating methods and collaboration processes with us to improve the environmental impact of our professional activities.

Sustainable business travel policies: 

Sustainable business travel includes all ways that limit the impact that business travel has on the planet, such as:

  • Encouraging employees to take alternative transport instead of flying

Air travel accounts for as much as 20% of the CO2 footprint of international companies. Offering alternative, greener, ways of transport (eg the train) is one way to prevent CO2 emissions from air travel.

  • Less travels, more video conferences

Another way is by offering video conferencing. It will never replace the human contact of a physical meeting, but will definitely save a lot of CO2, while people can still have the impression to “see” each others

  • Offsetting CO2 emissions

Businesses can invest in CO2 reduction projects (eg planting trees) and encourage employees to buy their flight (if a flight is necessary) on websites such as FlyGRN, which offsets a flight’s CO2 emissions for free.


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