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How? Digitally & Sustainably

Alpha Prime Group is managed by entrepreneurs to serve entrepreneurs. 

In a world of digitization, Alpha Group provides you a paperless platform to engage our services, set up your entity, and supply administrative, consulting, accounting, tax & payroll services digitally.

You benefit from a 24/7 online access to all your company’s data and documents, accessible from your computer / tablet / mobile phone.

We are also concerned about the preservation of our environment, and manage our Group such that its carbon footprint is minimized, by having a restricted travel policy, avoiding sizeable emails, prevailing chats platforms, and encouraging virtual meetings as well as working in a paperless environment.

Alpha Prime Group defines itself as a group concerned with the preservation of our planet, and that aims to be an active player in improving the impact of companies on the environment, through concrete actions. In addition, 10% of the company’s profits go to THE SHIFT PROJECT ,
a French association that works for an economy freed from carbon constraints.

Corporate Clients

Corporate services

Alpha Prime provides companies incorporation in Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Luxembourg, as well as in circa 50 other jurisdictions through its network of agents.

We also provide a wide range of services to maintain companies in good standing and ensure the best level of corporate governance

  • Incorporation of business structures
  • Bank account opening and treasury services
  • Registered office service and office lease solutions
  • Statutory company secretarial services
  • Directorship services
  • Application of business license

Accounting Services – Digital Finance

We provide bookkeeping & accounting services, as well as audit coordination, through our online platform and digital tools.

Your accounting reports and financial data are available online 24/7.

Our accounting team can provide you with monthly / quarterly bespoke financial reporting and budgetary analysis as well as cash flow forecasting

Through our panel of accounting automation tools, and cloud-based apps, we implement paperless solutions to save your time, with data extraction from documents such as invoices and receipts, that improves the accuracy of your financial statement, and is digital.

  • Bookkeeping, management reports and year-end accounts preparation
  • Financial statements and periodical financial reports and analysis
  • Audit coordination
  • Accounting automation tools and cloud-based solutions

Tax services

Alpha Prime provides individual and corporate tax returns to its clients, offshore claims assistance, and certificate of resident status applications (tax residency certificates). 

We can provide you also with tax due diligence / tax opinion / tax memorandum to ensure your compliance with domestic regulations. 

Alpha Prime also assists its clients with remuneration planning, benefits & allowances packages, employment tax, secondment and cross-borders activities, as well as capital gains tax optimization.

We also help you to understand and optimize your Value Added Tax obligations when applicable, and apply for a VAT number when required.

  • Corporate tax compliance
  • Business tax advisory and planning
  • International tax advisory and planning
  • GST / VAT advisory and compliance
  • Tax investigation and audit

HR & Visa

Alpha Prime provides visa application assistance for employment, dependent and investment visas across multiple jurisdictions, including Hong Kong and Singapore.

Our Group also provides in Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Luxembourg payroll & HR services, as well as HR consultancy to optimize the remuneration of your staff, managers, partners, and adapt their wages to their cross-borders mobility. 

We can also :

  • enroll your staff to the mandatory regime, 
  • prepare salary slips, 
  • prepare the payment of remuneration to employees and statutory authorities
  • compute expense reimbursement arrangements and benefits / allowances
  • Prepare your staff  year-end tax return
  • Advise you and them on remuneration structure optimization.
  • VISA filing and management
  • Payroll administration
  • HR consultancy and employment advice
  • Preparation of tax forms for employees
  • Employees remuneration planning

Banking Solutions – Trade Finance

In a world of growing complexity when it comes to banking solutions, bank account opening, or even account usage, Alpha Prime provides you the assistance and solution that you need to operate your activities in an efficient way. Through its network of banking partners in many different jurisdictions, Alpha Prime advises and assists its clients with bank account opening, whether in their country of residency or elsewhere, and constantly coordinates with banks to optimize and smooth the use of accounts.

Alpha Prime also provides digital finance solutions by opening corporate and individual accounts with MSO (Money Service Operators) and digital banks in multiple countries.

Also our Group assists its clients for money lending solutions with professionals from the financial sectors to offer trade finance services and ease their activities.

Strategy and Transactions

Whether you are planning  to launch a business, an M&A project, or expand your presence worldwide , our business advisory services are tailored to
maximize the efficiency of your plans.

We offer a wide range of tools and services that supports every element of strategy development. 

With years of experience in strategic planning projects, we’re ready to take your business to the next level.

  • Business Consulting and Structuring Advisory
  • Budget preparation and variance analysis
  • Cash flow and profitability analysis by service or product lines
  • Mergers and acquisitions assistance
  • Cost Analysis
  • Company valuation and due diligence

Private clients

Tax advisory

Setting up a business or an investment vehicle, transferring assets, moving residency or relocating staff and operational activities should never be a simple formality. 

Without the right advice it can become a minefield with serious fiscal and legal consequences. 

Too often, companies or vehicles are implemented by corporate services providers without a prior assessment of the situation and needs of the client, and his legal environment. Also residency or citizenship programs should not be considered without a pre-immigration planning.

Alpha Prime is managed by multi-jurisdictions tax, accounting and legal advisors with more than 20 years of experience in international tax advisory.

We ascertain that you make the right decision with the right information, and make sure that you manage your assets and business in a safe and compliant environment.

  • Tax advisory and compliance
  • Tax planning
  • Estate taxation
  • Tax investigation and audit

International mobility

  • Consulting on foreign immigration law
  • Citizenship and residency advisory
  • VISA service
  • Relocation assistance

Alpha Prime provides pre-immigration consulting services, as well as assistance with residency or citizenship programs, in coordination with its immigration agencies partners.

Private Wealth advisory

  • Estate planning analysis and succession planning
  • Personal assets ownership structures
  • Private bank accounts opening
  • Trust and Life insurance solutions

Management of the Estate

  • Incorporation and administration of local holding entities
  • Accounting and reporting
  • Compliance and due diligence
  • Exit strategies

Special Projects

  • Family offices liaising
  • Tax implications in the changing of life: nationality, residence, marriage, divorce.
  • Assistance to life insurance subscription