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Alpha Prime Group provides you a paperless platform to engage our services, set up your entity, and supply administrative, consulting, accounting, tax & payroll services digitally.

Electronic signature & 24/7 digital platform

How does it work?

You engage our services by signing electronically our services agreement.

You are not required anymore to print dozen of documents, sign it, scan it, and courier/email it back to us.

You simply need to access our signature platform, click on the E-signature button, and the document is automatically sent out to us and saved in your private electronic folder.

You have a full time access to this electronic folder, where you will find our services agreement, invoices, and all the supporting documents of your companies (corporate / accounting / tax / payroll / bank statements, etc…)

There is no more need to search or ask for your company’s documents, you have a free and unlimited access to it from your computer or mobile phone.


Anytime where it is legally possible, Alpha Prime will propose you to use electronic signature, to save your time, be efficient, and sustainable.

Digital Finance

Xero is the standard accounting software of Alpha Prime and will be used for your Company, unless otherwise required by you.

The advantages of using Xero are the following:

  • A cloud-based accounting system, that gives you 24/7 access to your financial statements and accounting reports with your computer or smartphone;
  • Real-time Financial Reporting, that gives the ability to efficiently manage cash-flow, and provides real-time information about the financial health of tour company;
  • Automation system that extracts informations and datas, and avoids data entry mistakes: transactions are created without data entry. The accuracy is widely improved, and avoids numerous bookkeeping adjustments.

Automated Bank Feeds

For example, your bank statements can be uploaded automatically from your online banking system to Xero accounting software: you don’t need to download and send us your Company bank statements.

Faster payment for your Company

Xero cloud accounting allows you to send online invoices to your customers, through Xero interface, and be updated when the invoice is paid. By issuing your invoice through Xero, you don’t need to issue or book this invoice anymore, as it is automatically recorded in your accounts.

You can even link your Xero account to a card payment system such as Stripe or PayPal: once your client has made the payment of your invoice, you are updated and the payment is automatically booked in your accounts.

Payroll Management

 Xero gives the access to a payroll system that allows to process your payroll and pay automatically your employees. Your payroll information is automatically updated into the general ledger of your company.

Integration system

Xero’s platform provides access to more than 800 applications, such as timesheet tools, inventory, payment trackers etc..

Xero is easy to integrate with other systems, sotfwares and applications, to release you from certain tasks, such as :

  • Bank statements integration
  • Cash collection system such as Chaser, a software that automatically sends payment reminders to your customers
  • Receipt banks or Hubdoc, that allows you to record all your expenses by taking a picture of your receipts. In few seconds, your expense is directly booked in your Xero accounts
  • E-commerce, Point of Sale, stock management tools, such as Vend Payment Gateway, Stripe or PayPal


Automatic data extractions from invoices and receipts

Edit invoice settings with Xero

Automatic online invoice payment